Super-Villain Team-Up #8, 1976 “Escape!”

In my first ever purchase of this title, I’ve found that not only do I love it because of its hilarious action, but also that it has Dr. Doom, and who doesn’t love Doom? I mean, he’s the quintessential villain in the Marvel Universe. Everyone must face him at one time or another, even Squirrel Girl and Power Man had  bouts with him! Doom also had another run in a certain anthology style book from Marvel in the 1970’s, and I’ll get to that in a couple of posts or so.

For now though, marvel at the work of Steve Englehart, Keith Giffen, Owen McCarron, Irv Watanabe, and others! You’ll see the quality of work this team did, and it will leave you wanting more! Some brilliant colors in this one as well, and we have Phil Rache to thank for that. Don’t miss my favorite page, where Namor beats up an elephant! Enjoy!


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Doctor Strange #15, 1976. “Where There’s Smoke…”

Image (54)

In honor of my son’s birthday, today brings a double-dose of comic book action! I let him pick out the book I’d post for today’s second installment, and he blind picked this gem! Written by Steve Englehart, Pencils by Gene “The Dean” Colan, inks & color by Tom Palmer, letters by John Costanza, and edited by Marv Wolfman! This tale brings Clea back to her mentor and lover, a strange man at the door that attempts suicide, and the minions of Hades itself! Cover by Colan, Palmer, and Crespi! Enjoy!